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The Harvesters Prequels Collection (Kindle and ePub)

The Harvesters Prequels Collection (Kindle and ePub)

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Before he became the legendary Soldier of Charity…

Before she became the unstoppable arcanist feared by human and raknoth alike…

Before they became the unwilling champions of humanity… Jarek and Rachel were just trying to survive.

Experience the rise of the raknoth and the fall of humanity in Cursed Blood. Walk the¬†post-apocalyptic, marauder-strewn¬†streets of Boston beside Jarek in¬†Soldier of Charity. And then, when you're done with that, enjoy 2 new exclusive prequel adventures, Scorched Earth and The Ballad of the Broken Glass Kids ‚ÄĒ available for sale in this set only!

Grab the 4-Story Prequels Collection today, and step into the beginnings of an adventure you won't forget!

Included in this set:
- Cursed Blood
- Soldier of Charity
- Jarek Slater and the Ballad of the Broken Glass Kids
- Scorched Earth

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